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Alterations & Repairs

Our In-House Repairs and Alterations Service.

Don't throw away old favourites just because they're slightly damaged, give them a new lease of life with a repair.

Our tailor/ess can sew seams, mend hems, replace zips, repair & replace pockets, patch elbows, and many other repairs that will extend the life of your clothes. We re-line jackets and coats (often jazzing it up with contrasting coloured lining) which gives them a completely new feel, as well as saving substantially on a new garment.

Likewise, your newly purchased clothes may need slight adjustments to make them fit perfectly. We can shorten or lengthen hems, take-in or let-out waists, stop that gapping area at the back of jeans that should fit snugly.

We offer a fitting service in our Haywards Heath Branch.


Invisible Mending.

The term 'Invisible Mending' describes the highly skilled method of repairing damage to woven fabrics by taking individual threads from the hem, side seam or other concealed parts of the garment and re-weaving them over the damaged area to make as near perfect a repair as is possible.

A small tear or cigarette burn can result in your favourite suit or outfit being banished to the bin or sent to the Charity Shop. In these circumstances its probably worth considering Invisible Mending which will bring it back into your wardrobe.

The garment needs to be a natural woven fabric, and the best results are achieved on loose weaves such as tweed. However, very acceptable results can be achieved on tighter weaves, with the colour & weight of the fabric determining the likely success..

If you bring the garment to one of our branches, we can give you a good indication of the results likely to be achieved. This service takes approximately 4 weeks.

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